Following an introduction to pottery years ago, I was immediately drawn to the tactile and beguiling nature of working with clay.

As a hand-builder, I love the feel and appearance of the clay body – the marks left by tools combined with my fingerprints and the relationship between the clay body, water and the maker.

 I am strongly influenced by my environment and surroundings in my construction and glazing techniques, and i find myself embracing the different cultural aesthetics i’ve been exposed to during years of travel and to alternative ceramic practices from the many countries I’ve visited.

This is reflected in my work but also in the way I frame my lessons to give my students a well-rounded and exciting experience.

Workshops attended:

  • Rachel Wood (UK) Handbuilding
  • School of Clay & Art (SoCA), Brunswick – Ongoing
  • “Working with Glazes” Greg Daly
  • The Raku Garden – Croatia – Raku workshop
  • Skills Development – kilns workshop
  • Kazuya Ishida – “Mindfulness Making and Firing” Bali
  • Malcolm Greenwood Intensive
  • Sarah Pike – “Impressive Constructs: Design, Function and Patterns of Slab-built Pottery Bali


Sarah Etherington