Clay Kits

What’s included:
  • Choose either an alabaster white or groggy, iron flecked clay OR a mix of the two. There is enough clay in each block provided to make 2-4 pieces

8 piece tool set
  • All the tools you need to get you started
Draw string canvas bag
  • Return and have fired for free or alternatively, contact details can be provided for a service near you
An “How To” instruction guide
Coloured slips
  • Black or white slip are available for purchase. Simply follow this link to add to your order
Why is this kit different?
  • You have a choice of clay colour – an alabaster white or a beautiful groggy, iron flecked buff
  • You get a free gift – 16cm rolling pin, textured stamp or an alphabet stamping set
Some questions answered:
How long will my clay last for?
  • Your clay comes in biodegradable, sealed bags and will remain workable indefinitely; if it starts to become a bit hard or dry, simply wrap it in a moist chux or cloth back in its bag and it softens back up.
How many pieces can I expect to make?
  • 2-4 pieces per block of clay  
What is Slip?
  • This is simply a dried clay body with water added and in the case of black, it has some oxide. It enables you to add surface decoration before your piece is fired.
I have no idea what to make…
  • Some ideas are cups (with or without handles), spoon & plate, a vase, a bowl, a candle burner or maybe a wall planter - just to name a few – pinterest is always a good place to stimulate the creative in you.

 Clay kit $80.00

Free shipping Australia wide.